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The DESi System

Meet your new partner in In-Home Health Care agency operations.
The DESi System is a complete automated scheduling and resource management system
built from the ground up to be an easy-to-use application ready to help your agency grow!

With a monthly subscription costing less than a night on the town and a feature set that is intended to take over the tedious stuff, we invite you to schedule a free demonstration of The DESi System.

Every Which Way


Shift Management

DESi provides multiple visual calendars displaying shifts, rate information and more! The Shift Pool allows your caregivers to request shifts they'd like to work.

Contractor Management

Your contractors are vital to your success. DESi allows you to maintain your contractor profiles with every detail.

Client Management

Clients are your bread & butter. DESi provides full in-take management in the field or office as well as complete tracking of client data.

Financial Tracking

Every detail of your contractor's earnings are tracked. You can even customize various financial scenarios right down to the shift level!

Care Plans

You can create and customize your client Care Plans and then save them as Templates for use on other clients. Both office staff and field personnel can create care notes for instantaneous record updates. You can even send them via email to the client's Care Team.

And The Survey Says?

DESi provides customized surveys you can set-up and automate to be sent to your clients after every shift, every day, week or month! Then view the results of caregiver performance in real-time.

The DESi System

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Scheduling Bliss



Your DESi System provides multiple calendar views which are updated in real-time as your contractors request, accept, decline or make updates to shift notes plus much more! You can intervene as needs arise.

A pool of Shifts

DESi's Shift Pool feature allows your contractors to bid on shifts they'd like to work from their mobile device. Your office staff can Accept or Decline or go hands-free and let DESi decide based on your rules.


DESi's Invitation feature allows you to send shift invites to contractors' mobile devices for them to Accept or Decline. All of your DESi calendars are instantaneously updated to display status.

Automated Scheduling

DESi's by-the-month scheduling concept makes for fast scheduling of contractor shifts. Schedule an entire month at one time with the Shift Hub.

The DESi System Difference

DESi relieves your staff of many of the tedious tasks of scheduling and data management. It doesn't try to be more than it is. And what it is, is, a very effective workflow automation system for your agency. Monthly subscription costs are less than a night on the town!

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