Flipside Automation is a company driven by a desire to create automated office systems that help enrich your most valuable resources, your employee's, day to day work experience. So much of office workflow is tedious and repetitive. Let us create cloud based automation for those important processes so that your staff can contribute to your business success in a more mutually enriching and prosperous way.
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The DESi System

DESi was designed for the In-Home Health Care Agency and Registry. It is a fully automated contractor/caregiver shift scheduling and data management system. It takes care of all of an agency's numerous tasks related to scheduling, maintaining and billing in-home health care clients as well as centralizing the entire process in the cloud.

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How We Work

Once you join the DESi family an entire team of experts kick into gear to assist in your agency's transition from scheduling tedium to scheduling bliss.

Let's Talk About It

Step 1. On-Boarding

The first thing we do is build out your DESi installation by creating your Contractor, Client and all related tables within DESi. This includes creating your contractor attributes and existing client care preferences.


Step 2. Reporting

The DESi System comes with several powerful reports that keep you and your staff full informed of various operations and metrics within DESi. But we know you will have your own reporting needs too. Flipside Automation staff will work with you to get those reports created and available to you within DESi.


Step 3. Training

The DESi System has extensive online help available on every screen. DESi's alert messages even try and help you with tasks it detects you are having trouble with. Beyond that, Flipside Automation can provide remote training of your staff or we can even come to your office and conduct staff training there..


Step 4. Practice

Yep, we said practice. We strongly suggest that your staff work with DESi in sandbox mode until they are comfortable with DESi's amazing abilities in getting your agency through the transition from tedium to automation.


Step 5. Launch

Then you GO LIVE! DESI is online and providing you with fully integrated operations of your shift scheduling, Client & Contractor management, financials and complete SMS interactiion between your office and your contractors.


Step 6. Support

DESi is a powerful system and while it is relatively easy to learn you will have questions along the way. Flipside Automation is committed to providing unmatched support to your staff via email, live chat or phone. Our support engineers will have the answers and will explain them in jargon-free English that your staff will understand and appreciate.


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