Contractor Scheduling easy as pie

Mmmmm, that piece of pie looks so good! But we doubt it was that easy to make. Well DESi's shift scheduling is truly easy as well, mabye not pie afterall! With at least 6 different methods to create shifts with DESi you will not have any trouble finding the method that fits in with your office workflow and "way of doing things".

DESi presents a week's worth of your current assignments all in one view. Work Strips reflect the length of time of the shift, who is assigned to the shift as well as a ton of additional information. Color coding makes it easy to know at a glance if a shift is assigned, un-assigned, automated, has special financial terms, inactive etc. There's no reason to even go into the detail screens as this bird's eye view of the entire work week tells you everything you need to know. No more hand-scribbled paper or print-outs. Just perfect visual bliss.

Shift Central

When you do have to go into the Shift Details screenyou will be presented with all the pertinent information in one place; laid out in an easy to follow flow. From assigned contractor, to any special financial modifications to all of the available summary information. It's all there. Remember, you can modify assignments right down to the shift level. Change contractor hourly or percentage rate for one shift, one day or the entire job! Change the client billable rate for just one shift if need be. And all of your changes are easily displayed in the Shift Calendar as well as in the Job Profile screens. Simplicity made beautiful.

Part of the Shift Details Screen

Shift scheduling with DESi is so simple that your staff will be maintaining the shift calendar

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